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There are so many great ways to see Chicago. From the window of an "L" train, from the lofty heights of a skyscraper, or from the Chicago River weaving past many of the city's great landmarks. Lucky for residents of the luxury Lakeshore East apartments at Cascade, enjoying the sites of the city from the water is only a short walk away. What better way to remind yourself of what an awe-inspiring metropolis you live in?

Central Branch Highlights

The architectural river tours start and culminate along the central branch of the Chicago River, a short walk from Cascade. You'll glide past some of Downtown's best-known buildings, old and new. There's Tribune Tower, a neo-Gothic creation that takes its cue from Rouen Cathedral. NBC Tower is a stunning 1980s take on the Art Deco style. (Look for the famous peacock logo on top.) Rising from the vibrant Lakeshore East residential development is Aqua Tower — 82 stories of irregular, organically shaped balconies, which lend the structure a sculptural quality and make it an instant icon.

North Branch Highlights

As the tour turns onto the river's north branch, you'll pass by the Harry Weese River Cottages; built in the late 1980s, their roofs, which slope toward the water, are inspired by the sails of boats. A little farther up is the vast Chicago Tribune Freedom Center. Perhaps not one of the city's most striking buildings, it's certainly one of the most important: This is where the Chicago Tribune, founded back in 1847, goes to print. Before pivoting southward, glimpse A. Montgomery Ward Park, a beautifully regenerated waterfront green space peppered with mosaics and sculptures.

South Branch Highlights

Chicago's Civic Opera House appears along the river's south branch. Opened in 1929, it’s often said to resemble a huge chair, earning it the nickname "Insull's Throne" (a nod to Samuel Insull, who envisioned it). Dwarfing it on the other side of the river is 150 North Riverside — 51 stories of shimmering contemporary glass, housing some of Chicago's most enviable office space. Heading eastward back along the central branch, admire the “corn cob” towers of Marina City, before reaching Navy Pier — 50 acres of parks, restaurants, and other attractions that (despite a name change and stints as a U.S. Navy training base and a college campus) have been entertaining visitors and locals since 1916. The area continues to evolve: Sable, Navy Pier's first hotel, opened here in March 2021.

The Chicago Architecture River Cruise tours can give residents of these Lakeshore East rentals a better perspective on the grandeur and scale of their city. Whether a Chicago native or a recent transplant, exploring downtown Chicago from the water can develop a deeper appreciation of our beautiful city. Can you spot us along the route? The glimmering all-glass facade and the adjacent 32,000 square feet of lush green space found just outside – that’s where you’ll find Cascade — all literally steps from the Chicago River and the expanse of Lake Michigan. Schedule a tour at the Cascade website to see it for yourself.

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