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With summer fast approaching, Windy City residents are turning toward Lake Michigan for another season of waterfront fun. Those fortunate enough to live at the luxury Lakeshore East apartments at Cascade will wake up each morning to sweeping lakefront views that include the iconic Navy Pier, complete with the historic curve of the Centennial Wheel rising over the waves. But there’s a lot more to do on the Navy Pier than just ride the Ferris wheel. Keep reading for our guide to making the most of this iconic attraction all summer!

Located less than a mile from Cascade’s lobby, Navy Pier has gone through many transformations since it was first opened to the public in 1916, including service as a freight dock, a jail, a military training facility, and even as overflow for University of Illinois Chicago classes. Then, in the late 2000s, the city began an effort to revitalize the pier, including bringing in new attractions and revamping the iconic Ferris wheel. The new iteration of Navy Pier opened in 2016 and has been entertaining crowds ever since.

Navy Pier is like the city’s own amusement park right on the waterfront, complete with rides, games, and food with a Chicago flair. Catch a glimpse of the skyline from atop the Centennial Wheel, go around the historic Carousel, or feel your stomach flip as you plummet down the newly installed Drop Tower, all against the breezy backdrop of Lake Michigan. After the rides, check out the Chicago Children’s Museum, and explore three floors of educational and entertaining exhibits. Ready for a break? Polk Bros Park is the perfect spot for visitors to catch their breath and enjoy a dramatic fountain show before heading to the food court.

One of the main attractions that will lure Cascade residents to Navy Pier is the selection of Chicago cuisine available. From classics like Chicago-style hot dogs and burgers to gourmet popcorn, deep-dish pizza, succulent barbecue, and international fare, the Navy Pier food court has something for everyone. Don’t forget to grab an Original Rainbow Cone before heading back to Cascade to watch the sunset over the city.

Back at Cascade, residents can relax in the comfort of their own home, or luxuriate in one of the building’s many amenities, including the verdant Lakefront Terrace or a tropical-style poolside cabana. If living near Navy Pier in one of the newest luxury apartments in Downtown Chicago appeals to you, reach out and schedule a tour of Cascade today!

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