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Pets—they're just like us! They require comfort, luxury, and amenities too. While our dogs and cats can't choose where they live, savvy pet owners know that the Lakeshore East apartments at Cascade are the ultimate spot in Downtown Chicago for them and their furry best friends.

Soaring above Lake Michigan, with a glimmering glass facade and striking silhouette, Cascade brings an elevated elegance to the shoreline. Thanks to a modern, tech-forward approach, the sophistication continues inside. Here, nine-foot ceilings and carefully designed layouts make these apartments stand out, whether a studio or a three-bedroom “palace.”

While this means a home for you to relax in style with room enough for all your needs, it also means lots of space for your pet to run around and play or just sit in catlike (or doglike) majesty and examine the stunning panoramic vistas all day until you log out of work and get to play with them.

If you get a little tired of endless tug of war with your pooch in the living room—never fear. Cascade has got you covered with plenty of dog-centric options and an ideal location that is sure to set their tails wagging.

A morning stroll is essential for both you and your dog. Luckily, you're located right by both the river and Lake Michigan. With its 18.5 miles of lakefront path, you and the pup are bound to get an excellent workout in. Explore the six-acre Lakeshore East Park with your dog and let them off-leash in the Dog Park within too. All that activity is bound to make them thirsty, which is why the doggie drinking fountain is such a popular park feature. Trust us, you'll get lots of "kisses" for taking your pal on this conveniently located adventure.

If they're a good boy or girl, pick up a treat at Kriser's Natural Pet. This is the Lake Shore East location of a store that's dedicated to the overall health of your pet. If you're a new pet owner or want to teach an old dog new tricks, ask about their training options.

For those days when you want to stay closer to home, Cascade has got you (and Rover) covered—literally. Never worry about the heat, rain, or snow when Cascade has its own all-weather hub for your pups. Let your dogs burn off energy and socialize in the indoor-outdoor dog run that's on-site. And after a day of playing, there's nothing like a good scrub down in the dog washing area. They'll love being pampered, and you'll love not having to clean your bathroom after they shake dry.

Speaking of pampering, residents and their dogs have exclusive access to the soon-to-be-open, residents-only dog spa in the newly opened "Cascade Bark," a public green space that's part of the larger Cascade Park, where you can meet your neighbors, and your doggo can make some new buddies.

Whether you’re relocating to Chicago with your beloved pet or making the big decision to get a dog, you needn’t worry about the urban setting cramping your four-legged friend’s style. As you can see, a pet's life in the pet-friendly luxury of the Downtown Chicago apartments of Cascade is anything but ruff. But Cascade isn't just a place for your pet; it's a home for you too. With more than 45,000 square feet of amenities—including outdoor areas, a state-of-the-art fitness facility, a spa, and more—Cascade is the perfect place for a pet's human.

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