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What's the best thing to do in Chicago in the summer? Eat, of course! Living at Cascade within Lakeshore East makes it easy, with a variety of culinary delights surrounding you. Residents and visitors can pick a roll-up-your-sleeves spot for breakfast to a five-star haute cuisine for dinner, the options are endless.

Gather your friends and family and get ready to dig into some of Lakeshore East's best eateries.

Don't know where to go? We've got you covered.

Breakfast by the Park

If breakfast is your favorite meal, then Eggy's has you covered. This popular hot spot takes a modern approach to classic diner food or, as they call it, "urban comfort food." And, yes, as the name implies, there are plenty of egg dishes. The decadent biscuit benedict is two perfectly poached eggs perched atop smoky ham and buttery biscuits smothered in a silky hollandaise sauce. But the real standout at Eggy's has got to be their Travel Channel-approved French toast. Thick bread battered with bran flakes makes for a crunchy base for their over-the-top toppings, like Nutella, mascarpone, or cinnamon compote. Eggy's lunch options are equally tasty.

Taco Tuesday—Or Any Day

Although Gordo's Tiny Taco Bar may have "tiny" in its name, the flavor of their food is anything but. With a commitment to authentic Mexican dishes, Gordo's serves up some of the freshest tacos in the city. Start with a luscious serving of guac and chips to whet your appetite. Then order their cochinita pibil taco for a taste of the Yucatan or try the savory and sweet Mexico City specialty called “tacos al pastor.” Gordo's list of taco fillings is extensive, but, luckily, you can sample the ones that catch your eye via a flight of tacos. Don’t forget dessert by finishing off the meal with crispy churros.

Experience the Mediterranean near the Shores of Lake Michigan

Who doesn’t like a little Greek food on a warm day? Avli on the Park transports you to the Greek isles without having to travel too far from Cascade. Indulge in tasty dips, like smooth-as-silk hummus and bursting-with-flavor tzatziki. Have a cocktail from Avli’s extensive cocktail program as you snack on small plates of Greek fries and flaky spanakopita. The vibe here is laid-back and elegant—so, after feasting on branzino or moussaka, you might feel as relaxed as you would on vacation.

Art or Food? Why Not Have Both?

Chicago is famous for its museums and public works of art, but at three-star Michelin-rated Alinea, the culinary arts take the spotlight. Fanciful yet tasty dishes are skillfully prepared daily and served during a multicourse meal that’s equal parts restaurant experience and theater. While the menu often changes, recent must-tastes have been black truffle and gruyere pumpernickel, wagyu rice, and shio kombu nori.

If you want to see more of what Downtown Chicago has to offer, be sure to schedule a tour at Cascade to view our luxury apartments and ask one of our leasing agents for their personal restaurant favorite!

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